About us

In 1973, Vic De Francesco started in the field at Maislin Transport as a clerk in the account payable / receivable, then he took charge of the department (bank plan).

He left in 1981 and went to Alltrans Express for the same position but after a month he was offered a dispatcher position and will stay there for eight years.

He was a salesman at Inter-Cité Transport and also founded the Canada / United States division at Day & Ross inc.

With his acquired skills, his energy and passion in the field of transportation, he wants to offer a better service to his clients, so he decides to open his own brokerage company in January 1993. He works hard and starts his company.

Standing out instantly with his attentive service on expedition tracking, his reliable carrier bank and his very good relationship with customers, he quickly became a man of trust for his clients. A few years later he hires his partner Andréane Demers who will give a big helping hand to the development. In 2016 his son Giovanni decides to get involved in the company for a day to take over.

Today, Givan transport services inc. is proud to have become a truly caring and dedicated family business.

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